Spiritual awakening in community

Intuitive emergence in compassion

When soul transformation becomes personal crisis

We all walk between worlds, though not all of us are aware that we do. For those of us who are aware of that duality, and want to incorporate it more deeply through all that we do, community is vital. Living passion in the modern world is a beautiful yet tricky thing, which can create deep distress.

How do you process an intuitive experience the people around you don't understand? When they don't want to understand?

How can you grow into your awareness when those closest to you can't or don't support you?

Every modern mystic has asked these questions. Every contemporary spiritual leader had a calling that was unexpected, that s/he didn’t know how to respond to let alone foster, that left them with no one to talk to. Despite the gifts of intuition, we're not all ready to work with it immediately, and in some cases it introduces itself to us in a way that is frightening or disruptive. When that happens, we need each other.

With us find:

  • understanding of your spiritual awakening
  • support of passionate others
  • gentle mentoring of your soul's purpose

“Normalcy is the enemy of giftedness.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola-Estes